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Lee Adler Talks About The Fed’s Rigor Mortis Market With Lindsay Williams

Lindsay Williams of South Africa’s Fine Business Radio and CNBC Africa chatted with me today about the Fed, the end of QE, and inflation.

Listen here or the player below.

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Loan Liars

No, this isn’t about liar loans. It’s about the liars in the financial “news” media who twist the facts to suit whatever their point happens to be that day. Here are the facts about bank lending in the US.

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(What’s Left of) Our Economy: New Manufacturing Data Need an “Interpret with Care” Warning

As usual, the latest two big monthly surveys of U.S. manufacturing activity – for August – came out within 15 minutes of each other this morning and, as usual of late, they contained almost nothing but excellent news for American industry and for anyone recognizing that its success is central to restoring genuine national prosperity.