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Fed Is Like A Mother Who Still Breastfeeds Her 6 Year Old

Lindsay Williams asked me on his evening drive time radio show in South Africa how I felt about the FOMC meeting minutes.

Uh oh.

You can catch Lindsay’s radio show delayed podcasts at Fine Business Radio. Or listen live at 11 AM New York time. The focus is on Africa and South Africa but Lindsay also talks to investors from around the world daily.

Want to learn more about the Fed’s fraud on the American people? Watch this.

Warning! This Video May Cause Exploding Head Syndrome, Viewer Discretion Advised

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Lee Adler reviews a section of the January FOMC meeting minutes that nobody is paying any attention to. This section of the minutes shows clearly that the Fed is delusional. It will blow your mind.

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Today’s RFWS was absolutely outstanding. (I’m glad I actually watched this one rather than just listening while running.) When it comes to financial journalism, Lee, you remain an island of sanity in a huge sea of crap. Thanks.


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