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Volatility Is Here To Stay, and Here’s Why It Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Bear Market

I told CNBC Africa’s Lindsay Williams on his nightly business radio program why volatility is here to stay but doesn’t necessarily spell a bear market for the US, yet. The program was recorded on Monday morning, October 27.  You can listen or download here or use the player below.


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Good Riddance To QE—-It Was Just Plain Financial Fraud

QE has finally come to an end, but public comprehension of the immense fraud it embodied has not even started. In round terms, this official counterfeiting spree amounted to $3.5 trillion— reflecting the difference between the Fed’s approximate $900 billion balance sheet when its “extraordinary policies” incepted at the time of the Lehman crisis and its $4.4 trillion of footings today. That’s a lot…