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Lee Adler Tells Lindsay Williams What Went Wrong This Year and What to Look for in 2015

Lindsay Williams of South Africa’s Fine Business Radio and CNBC Africa asked me to review 2014 in a nutshell and look ahead to next year. As for this year, apparently hedge funds forgot the two oldest rules in the book. And next year the Fed and ECB will face big problems in trying to continue to rig the markets and interest rates.

I misspoke on the crude futures positions. Specs record long, not short. Producers were record short, but the capital destruction occurred because large specs were record long. That contributed to the closing of those 400 hedge funds.

Listen here or the player below.

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Central Banks Made Lousy Jobs, Soaring Tax Collections, Bad For Most, Good For Bubble Markets

In this September 8, 2014 video for Radio Free Wall Street, I talked about why I thought the ECB programs would fail to boost its balance sheet or achieve its goals of boosting inflation or the European economy. I also discussed the central bank tag teams keeping the markets afloat, about why jobs data doesn’t matter to the market trend, and finally what real time tax collections can tell us that lagged, manipulated economic data can’t. It’s all wrapped up in an eye opening 12 minutes that should make you say, Damn!” Or at least “Dang!”

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UK Determined to Win the Race to the Bottom and Remain the Global Financial Cesspool

UK Determined to Win the Race to the Bottom and Remain the Global Financial Cesspool

By William K. Black Bloomington, MN: December 16, 2014 On June 20, 2012 the UK Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, Lord Sassoon of Ashley Park gave a speech to the British Bankers Association – the group the U.S. government (i.e., … Continue reading

UK Determined to Win the Race to the Bottom and Remain the Global Financial Cesspool

The Fracturing Energy Bubble Is the New Housing Crash


Let’s see. Between July 2007 and January 2009, the median US residential housing price plunged from $230k to $165k or by 30%. That must have been some kind of super “tax cut”. In fact, that brutal housing price plunge amounted to a $300 billion per year “savings” at the $1 trillion per year run-rate of residential housing turnover. So with all that extra money…