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Lee Adler Talks About The Fed’s Rigor Mortis Market With Lindsay Williams

Lindsay Williams of South Africa’s Fine Business Radio and CNBC Africa chatted with me today about the Fed, the end of QE, and inflation.

Listen here or the player below.

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Loan Liars

No, this isn’t about liar loans. It’s about the liars in the financial “news” media who twist the facts to suit whatever their point happens to be that day. Here are the facts about bank lending in the US.

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Why the Fed Must Taper

The Fed is being forced to end its bond-buying, cutting off the “free money for financiers” that has sustained a frothy stock market.While the Federal Reserve presents itself as free to do whatever it pleases whenever it pleases, the reality is the Fed…

Following Up: Manufacturing Cheerleaders that Neglect Productivity

falling wages should only be seen as a sign of improved U.S. manufacturing competitiveness only in the most shortsighted Darwinian sense. As I wrote in a post yesterday, unless Washington proposes to inundate the economy with another flood of bubble-era like super-cheap credit, or figures out a way to foster a wholly unprecedented jump in net exports, the U.S. economy will never be able to grow if worker wages keep stagnating or falling.