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Affordable? Home Rents Increase 2.7 Percent YoY While Wage Growth Is 2.1 Percent YoY


I attended Fannie Mae’s Affordable Housing Advisory Council meeting on April 15th as a member. We were asked not to disclose what was discussed, but suffice it to say that the name “Affordable Housing Council” kind of gives it away. In general terms, the “credit is too tight” theme was discussed by affordable housing advocates […]

Is Mario Draghi Stupid, Crooked Or What?


Europe is surely at the top of the heap among today’s raging  financial market lunacy. It seems that Ireland has now broken into the negative interest rate club, investment grade multinationals are flocking to issue 1% debt on the euro-bond markets and, if yield is your thing, you can get all of 3.72% on the Merrill Lynch euro junk bond index. That’s right.…