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The Great Divergence- Orders Not So Durable As Stock Prices Bubble

Financialization Credibility Gap

“U.S. factories reported flat demand for big-ticket goods in August, suggesting the economy continues to be restrained by sluggish business spending,” reported The Wall Street Journal. They got that right (for a change)! In the stock market game of pin the tail on the number, the Journal pointed out that the economists it surveyed had, on balance, expected a drop…

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Disaster In The European Banking System Exposed

Banks Fleeing Banks in Europe - Click to enlarge

ECB data on bank deposits for the Eurozone shows total bank deposits down sharply in July, breaking the uptrend in force since the low in 2014. That’s shocking considering that the ECB just boosted its money printing QE programs. Deposits should be rising steadily in concert with the amount of QE, not falling. But cash extinguishment and capital flight are increasing faster than the ECB can print.