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When Will The Fed Resume QE?

Shrinking Treasury Supply

This is an excerpt from the Liquidity Trader Pro Treasury Supply and Demand Report. Subscriber download links to complete report below.   Primary Dealers were sellers last week in both the coupons and the futures as they continued to hold larger long positions in Treasury coupons than they have for several years. Conversely, their long position in the futures continues…

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Stanley Fischer Speaks——-Airballs From A Dangerous Academic Fool


With every passing week that money markets rates remain pinned to the zero bound by the Fed—–the magnitude of the financial catastrophe hurtling toward main street America intensifies. That’s because 80 months—– and counting—–of zero interest rates are fueling the most stupendous gambling spree that Wall Street has ever witnessed or even imagined. Sooner or…

Fed Opacity is Suffocating the Markets

Fed Opacity is Suffocating the Markets

Market observers continue to give short shrift to the fact that the Federal Reserve is the perpetrator of the “Red Wedding” in the markets. The Federal Reserve doesn’t trust the markets. It thinks it knows better than the markets how to set the price of capital and create the conditions for economic growth.