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Central Banks Made Lousy Jobs, Soaring Tax Collections, Bad For Most, Good For Bubble Markets

In this September 8, 2014 video for Radio Free Wall Street, I talked about why I thought the ECB programs would fail to boost its balance sheet or achieve its goals of boosting inflation or the European economy. I also about the central bank tag teams keep the markets afloat, about why jobs data doesn’t matter to the market trend, and finally what real time tax collections can tell us that lagged, manipulated economic data can’t. It’s all wrapped up in an eye opening 12 minutes that should make you say, Damn!” Or at least “Dang!”

This video was originally published for Radio Free Wall Street subscribers on September 8, 2014. To see the latest videos in real time, subscribe here. Go behind the paper curtain of Wall Street propaganda and get the facts.

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(What’s Left of) Our Economy: Can Defense Give Manufacturing a Timely Lift?

Thanksgiving always puts me in a good mood, so I found myself looking for some un-ballyhooed and actually plausible reasons to be optimistic about American domestic manufacturing. (As readers know, there’s no shortage of ballyhooed, implausible reasons.) And I came up with a small one: defense spending, where a modest comeback appears to be heralded in today’s government data on durable goods orders.