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Is The Day of Reckoning At Hand?

Cycle screening measures were slightly stronger on Friday, keeping the aggregate measures in strongly positive territory while remaining in a negative divergences. The individual measures remained mostly bullish, with only new 13 week cycle signals raising a preliminary caution flag that the rally could be near an end. This report suggests what to look for…

Why The Economy Isn’t Slowing and Why That’s Bearish – Video 9/23/14

Lee Adler pulls back the paper curtain of Wall Street propaganda on the housing data and broader, more timely economic data. Housing may be slowing, but the broader economy isn’t. He tells why that’s bearish in the big picture, but a close look at the technical data says it may be a while before the big one.

This video was originally published for Radio Free Wall Street subscribers on September 23, 2014. To see the latest videos in real time, subscribe here. Go behind the paper curtain of Wall Street propaganda and get the facts.


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